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Retro Reflective Landing Systems

    The Model 336-2 (Collapsible) has a proven visibility range of three nautical miles (5 km) from an approaching helicopter or aircraft landing light. With the exclusively designed angles on the 336-2 , the horizontal plane is highly visible. 

    The Model 336-2 Retro-Reflective Marker has been designed primarily for night operation at both commercial air feilds and remote landing strips. The 336-2 is used to delineate the edge and indicate approach direction of a Heliport Landing Zone or Runway. Its exclusive design allows for superior pilot positioning of the aircraft above the Landing Zone. The 336-2 can be used as an emergency landing system at any remote site or backup to electrical lighting systems, (requiring very minimal installation time) or installed as a permanent landing zone.

    The Model 336-2 has proven to be SAFE, DURABLE and EFFICIENT in all climates and conditions. A wide range of colors and color combinations are available to suit any application. The 336 is stackable, light weight and easy to transport.Type your paragraph here.

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High Intensity 336-2(Collapsible)

High Intensity Retro-reflective Runway / Heliport Marker (Collapsible) 336-2