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The Model 300 2T - LITR has been designed primarily for night operation on unlighted or in conjunction with lighted Taxiways, Aprons and Hazard areas. When the LITR is used to delineate Taxiways, it not only provides excellent edge marking but also helps eliminate the "Sea of Blue Effect" that is present among larger airports with numerous electrically illuminated intersecting taxiways.

The LITR presents a brightly illuminated path by reflecting back light to the source aircraft or vehicle. The reflective area of the LITR is omni directional as well as removable and interchangeable. It's visibility range is 1000 + m (3300 + ft.).

Installation is made very easy by either direct connection to existing 50 mm (2") threaded ground anchor or by using the optional base support kit. For areas where an increased mounting height is preferred, an extension column is available.

Available in any color or color combo.

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