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L.I.T.R. 600 2T Low Intensity Taxiway Reflector

Low Intensity Taxiway Reflector Model 600-2T 

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The model 600-2T is a cost effective alternative to traditional taxiway/apron/hazard lighting.  Our models are unique due to the fact that if the reflective surface is damaged by snow removal or grass cutting equipment, only the reflective vinyl sleeve needs replacement..

    Other comparable markers must be replaced completely. With the wide variety of mounting styles available, the 600-2T is readily adaptable to any number of temporary or fixed applications.  All aviation colors, specialty fluorescent, custom lengths and color combinations are available.
        Removable Reflective Sleeve
        Extremely Visible - Even Infrared
        Frangible and Durable
        OAH 600 mm (24"), OD 60 mm (2.375")
        Aircraft Cable Tether - 1/16” X 10

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