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R.E.L.M. Retro-reflective Edge Light Marker

Reflective Edge Light Marker​

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The RELM Model 1200 has been designed to provide superior visibility, day or night, to all types of Airport/Heliport Edge Lights. Its very bright, full length, Retro-Reflective fluorescent color allows extreme daytime visibility.

The RELM Model 1200's Retro-Reflectiveness quality in night time operation will enable the user clear visibility of each location desired at extreme distances.

Whether the RELM is used to aid in snow clearing operations or general maintenance duties throughout the airfield, the performance is outstanding.

The RELM's construction consists of a high grade polyurethane tube, spring loaded at the base and mounted to a rust resistant heavy duty bracket. The bracket can be adapted to any fixture type. The polyurethane tube is covered with a Retro-Reflective fluorescent sleeve (orange, blue, green or yellow) which is fastened by means of a through ty to prevent even minimal slippage due to extreme wind velocities or jet blasts.

Meets All aviation authorities requirments
Visibility on average of .5 Km, day or night
Remains flexible through high/low temperature extremes
Weatherproof: exposure to ice, snow & rain
All types of mounting brackets available


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